Boudoir / Glamour Photography

If you’re trying to think of the perfect and unique gift for your partner this Valentines or Christmas, or simply something more personal, nothing beats the intimacy that boudoir photos can provide. As a female photographer, I understand how important it is to feel safe with a professional when your asked to be so vulnerable and taking such confidential photos. My approach to your boudoir photography session is to ensure that you enjoy yourself and that you have fun. I want to capture the perfect shots while helping you feel relaxed, confident, and above all, beautiful! I strive to create amazing images that you will feel confident and proud and excited to show off to your body to your partner. Relaxing and feeling at ease is essential, and I will work to help coach you through posing so you will feel natural and at ease while we photograph your romantic photos. All boudoir photos will be taken in a private environment, and you have my guarantee that the images we take in the session will never be shows without your permission. For the setting, if it makes you more comfortable, I will travel to your home and we can stage the scene for your photos in the comfort of your own bed or couch. There is also the option to rent a hotel room for the session, and to go for a more minimalist approach to really focus on you and your outfit of choice. I want to use my years of expertise to create memorable and unique images of you that show off how sexy you truly are!

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