Personal Branding / Headshots

If you want a thriving business in today’s marketplace, having an intriguing and captivating social media presence is key. Strong photography online is a simple and easy way to promote your business to gain more exposure and online traffic, which will potentially lead to new clients. The imagery that you use will not only convey what your company offers in products and services, but also allows your company a greater opportunity to reach your target audiences through enticing photography that will captivate and create engagement. I understand how necessary strong and professional photos are for corporate photography. When I partner with a company, my goal is to help you create visual content for your accounts, websites, and newsletters. I want to work with your company to not only show off the work that goes into what products and services you create/sell, but I also want to help promote the office environment that makes your company stand out above the rest. When working with you, my goal is to capture your companies work culture and what makes you stand out. For your website, headshots are a great way to feature the company’s founders, as well as the team behind the scenes. I will come directly to your office space, and/or company event to take photos for your business needs. The “behind the scenes” photos I can take for you is a great way to entice future employees and help gain new social media followers. My goal when doing photography for your company is to help express and highlight your uniqueness, while providing you with the content needed to take advantage of enticing imagery for your social media presence.

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