Contemporary Portraiture

If you are looking for a personalized photoshoot, I  specialize in portrait photography for individuals or groups. Don’t miss out on special moments by trying to shoot an event yourself. Let me capture your memories at events like weddings, for graduation portraits, and for professional photos for your social media. Keep your friends and family updated on what’s happening in your life with beautiful photos of you and your loved ones. My portraits will capture you are as a person, in whatever setting we are shooting in. If you are nervous about portrait photography, not to worry, I will help coach your poses and expressions. My years of experience allows me to easily guide you through the shoot, while you just focus on looking great and feeling comfortable.

The proper portrait or headshot is an easy way to promote yourself and your brand on social media. My work will help capture what your brand, by using specific colors to incorporate into your clothing or the background. My goal is to highlight your uniqueness, while providing you with engaging content needed to take advantage of your brand for your social media presence.

Professional headshots aren’t just for business anymore and are even more important for showing off your personality online. Nowadays, everybody needs, and deserves a high-quality headshot to promote themselves. A proper headshot or portrait will show off your professionalism and allow your unique personality shine through the screen.

My headshots will help to show off your personality, for whatever online platform you are using. I want to portray you, your brand, or your company, with an expression and a look that matches it. Whether you want to look approachable or determined, strong or funny, I will help coach your poses and expressions. Even if you yourself don’t feel naturally photogenic, my experience and shooting style will capture your look and personality, while keeping you comfortable, and coaching you throughout the process. If it’s been a while since your last headshot and you are looking to update an old headshot, a new headshot will help you seem more authentic and current. Being able to show off yourself in a professional photo is a great way to boost your self-confidence, as well as your companies’ image.