Pauline Marie Paquet

I have always been the one with the camera in my hand. Professionally, I come from a combat sports photography background. When Covid-19 hit, all of that changed and like life for most, I decided to dedicate my time to education and renovations. Over a few months, I created a beautiful home-based studio and a portfolio that I’m proud to share. Through the process, I fell passionately in love with the art of portraiture. I now specialize in capturing authentic, meaningful portraits with a timeless feel. I realize that I’ve always been a portrait photographer.

During my combat sports photography career, I found myself drawn to capturing very up-close-and-personal shots.

I loved the quiet moments in the dressing room when the fighter’s hands were being taped, or in between rounds when the coach was telling the fighter to dig deep going into the final round. To pull the viewer in, a  myriad of things need to come together to create a powerful image.  Expression, emotion and lighting are all key.

What inspires my creativity then and now, is the desire to take my images to the next level.  To tell a story, and for a moment, have the viewer stop and reflect.

Being a photographer is a special privilege and a responsibility I don’t take lightly. The subjects allow you in.  They trust you not only to witness but to capture a part of who they are. For that moment in time, we are connected which, in itself, is an honour. 

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