Portrait & Glamour

The proper portrait or headshot is an easy way to promote yourself and your brand on social media. My work will help capture your brand, by using specific colours to incorporate into your clothing or the background. My goal is to highlight your uniqueness while providing you with engaging content needed to take advantage of your brand for your social media presence.

Headshots& Personal Branding

Personal branding photography includes headshots and so much more. The photoshoot tends to place more importance on the environment – thus, requiring on-location shoots instead of in-studio. The subject can be looking at the camera, or away, or even engaging with other people or props. Poses tend to be much more casual and relaxed. Personal branding gives you more opportunity to show different sides of your personality and really resonate with your client base.

Maternity& Motherhood

Too often, as moms, we are the ones holding the camera and taking the pictures. Years from now when your grown child reaches for photos of you, what are they going to find? It is time for you to exist in portraits and celebrate  the love shared  between  you  and your children. 

Let them see you. You are everything to them.

Fine Art Children & Families

Combining antique props, soft lighting, and subtle guidance, we will create beautiful images of your child that are reminiscent and inspired by old-world paintings. By making them feel comfortable and relaxed, we are able to capture their true emotion. Nothing is staged or fake with children, just a pure honest connection between me,  the camera, and them.

People & Pets

Our pets hold an important place in our hearts and within our families.

Pets devote their lives to us through unconditional love and companionship.

Honour them with beautiful portraits.