The studio

Pauline’s home based studio is located in the heart of Calgary Alberta. The studio is designed with functionality, versatility and most importantly, your comfort in mind. It has a hollywood style hair and makeup station, a refreshment area, a lounging area, a dressing area and of course, an area to take your gorgeous portraits in with hand painted fine art backdrops. The studio offers a vast collection of props such as wood boxes, vintage ladders, and antique chairs. A collection of children’s antique rocking horses, highchairs, sleds and tricycles is also at your disposal. Pauline has a full wardrobe or beautiful gowns ranging from XS to XXL. She has vintage hats, earrings and necklaces to top off your outfit.


This is where we will get to know each other via Facetime, Zoom or phone chat. We will talk about any portrait ideas you may have and who you like to be photographed with. I want to know what your style is and what you would like to wear for your photoshoot. How did you hear about me and are there any images of mine that you are particularly drawn to? I will answer any questions or concerns you may have. When our conversation is finished, you will have a complete understanding of the portrait process and the products I have available for purchase including their cost. I will send you a printable copy of my styling guide magazine to look over and I’ll follow up with you to book your dream photoshoot.

Professional hair & makeup

Having your hair and makeup professionally done is completely optional but recommended. The camera never captures makeup and color in quite as much vibrancy as our eye sees. Lighting bouncing off of makeup changes the way it looks in images. Our makeup artists have an in-depth knowledge of applying makeup specifically for photoshoots. Whether you are wanting a more natural look, or dark and broody, or straight up glamorous, they will know exactly how to create the style you desire.


After your hair and makeup is finished, you will have an opportunity to explore our extensive wardrobe and try on anything you are drawn to. We have many period pieces ranging in all sizes, and have focused our wardrobe selection based on knowing what photographs well. We can also mix and match with anything you’d like to bring from home and coordinate with a necklace, earrings or a bracelet to complete your look. It’s important you feel confident and beautiful in your wardrobe choices.


I will guide you through a series of flattering poses designed to showcase your strongest features. Your shoot will usually last about 2-3 hours with four to five wardrobe and set changes. We will make sure you feel comfortable and confident. If you need a break, like a snack, want to post a behind--scenes video on social media, or anything in between, we are on your time. Never feel rushed. I’ll even show you the back of my camera a few times so you know how well your images are looking. You’ll have so much fun, you won’t want the experience to end and your portraits will reflect that!


While most of the magic happens during your photo shoot, each image you purchase will be professionally retouched. No detail will be overlooked. Your eyes will sparkle and your skin will shine. You will look like a more refreshed version of yourself. We believe in celebrating what you truly look like and tend to keep the “photoshop” editing to a minimum, unless otherwise requested.

Reveal & ordering

You’ll be invited back for your reveal and ordering session two or three weeks after your shoot, allowing for enhancement and production of your portrait images. I will print thirty of your top images, mat them, and display them for your viewing. Each image will be frame-ready and sold separately or within a package of 10, 20, or 30. We’ll go through each image individually, and at your own pace, while you decide which images you would like to purchase. Any other decision makers must be present at this time. You are under no obligation to buy, even though I am? certain you will be thrilled with your images. Only choose the images you love and can’t live without. Once you’re happy with your collection, purchases need to be paid in full or a payment plan can be set up with 50% down. Then it’s time for us to wrap your products, you to take them home and cherish them for a lifetime! *Digital image files are included with every print purchase.

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