Headshots are a photograph of your head and a bit of your shoulders, nothing more. This is the quickest way of communicating who you are and to recognize you in a group of other portraits. Headshots are great for social media, business cards and website profiles. The subject is usually looking directly into the camera in a fairly formal pose. The photos are generally shot against a plain white, grey or black background in order to accent the subject rather than the environment.

Personal Branding

Personal branding photography includes headshots and so much more. The photoshoot tends to place more importance on the environment - thus, requiring on-location shoots instead of in-studio. The subject can be looking at the camera, or away, or even engaging with other people or props. Poses tend to be much more casual and relaxed. Personal branding gives you more opportunity to show different sides of your personality and really resonate with your client base.

The Process

Let’s meet in person, via zoom or chat on the phone. This is just the initial getting to know each other and a way for me to find out exactly what your needs are and how I may help you. Once you have booked your session we’ll discuss the look and type of the images you’d like to capture and how you plan on using your images. We’ll discuss wardrobe, styling, what looks great on camera and how you should dress and prepare for your session. We will talk about locations for your shoot as well as packages I offer and what each package includes. 

The portrait and headshot sessions will involve meeting at my home-based studio with your wardrobe choices  pressed and ready to go (a steamer is available for last minute touch ups). If you are having hair and makeup done, my artist will be ready for you at the studio.

  • The Image Review

    This can be done in person or on a Zoom call. This is where we will go over the images together and choose the best ones for your intended use. I will help you narrow down your selection to make sure you have a good range of images that reflect your brand or business.

  • Retouching

    All images receive some level of retouching. The amount of retouching is completely up to you. The aim is to make you look the best version of yourself.

  • Downloading Your Files

    Once the images have been retouched, I will send you the digital files via WeTransfer or a shared Google Drive for you to download.

“A headshot is to a book cover what personal branding is to the pages within it.”

- Heike-Delmore